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Congressman Murphy Statement on Senate Failing to Pass 1099 Provision Elimination


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Scott Murphy (NY-20) released the following statement after the Senate failed to pass two amendments that would have addressed the 1099 reporting provisions:

"The Senate's inability to address the 1099 issue was a failure of leadership by both Democrats and Republicans. As a businessman, I know that we need to remove financial and regulatory burdens on local businesses that would potentially stifle private sector growth. During this tough economic time, we need to work to get government out of the way, and that starts with eliminating these burdensome provisions. I will keep fighting for our small businesses, because they, not the government, are key to our economic recovery."


The Senate considered two different proposal to address the 1099 reporting provisions today. First, they considered an amendment from Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL), which would have exempted purchases of less than $5,000 from those provisions and paid for the lost revenue by cutting oil and gas subsidies. The amendment failed to gain cloture, 56-42.

Second, they considered another amendment by Senator Mike Johanns (R-NE), which would have eliminated the provision entirely and paid for it by cutting spending on public health care. The amendment also failed to gain cloture, 46-52.

Scott Murphy previously sponsored H.R.5982, which would have eliminated the 1099 reporting provision, a critical undue tax reporting burden for small businesses.

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