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Issue Position: Jobs and the Economy

Issue Position

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With unemployment reaching 26-year highs in our state and government employing more Wisconsin workers than manufacturing, it's clear we have a problem. The recession's part of it, of course, but Wisconsin's business climate: the taxes and regulations that cut off the lifeblood of our state's businesses, is the core of the issue.I toured a roll threading plant the other day. Although it was a large facility, it was still an LLC--a small business. When I asked the business owner what we could do to keep him creating Wisconsin jobs, he told me that only 10% of his business was actually in this state. He could move anywhere. And the personal income taxes in Wisconsin were killing him. "I'm an LLC," he told me, "so I have to run my business through my personal taxes. They may net a few gazillionaires with those tax rates, but mostly, they're getting the guys like me, punishing us for having LLCs."

That small business owner had no choice--he might like to create another position, but government's taking so much from him, there's not enough left over to pay another employee.

140,000 jobs have disappeared in Wisconsin during this recession. The best tonic for a sick economy is to take less from struggling businesses. The more businesses can reinvest in creating jobs, the more people can return to work. Free market principles are the best government for business. State government needs to tax less, regulate less, and mind its own business more.

It's the Lieutenant Governor's job to reach the entrepreneurs of Wisconsin, the USA and the world with the message that, "Wisconsin is open for business again!" We need a Lieutenant Governor with marketing experience who can help sell Wisconsin to the world. I have that experience.

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