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Jones Says New Census Figures on Poverty 'A Wake-Up Call for All Progressives'

Press Release

Location: Chicago, IL

LeAlan Jones, the Green Party's nominee for US Senate in Illinois, responded sharply to new Census figures that shows that one in seven Americans live below the poverty line.

"At a time when the super rich are complaining about losing their deficit-ballooning tax cut, we see that our most vulnerable Americans are getting crushed," said Jones, who grew up in the shadow of the Ida B. Wells housing project on Chicago's south side.

"This is a wake-up call to all progressive and compassionate voters out there," added Jones. "Republicans and Democrats still believe that Wall Street can fix this problem. But Wall Street caused this problem and voters must ask themselves: who will help our poorest citizens?"

Jones, who lives in Englewood, a Chicago neighborhood hit hard by the Great Recession, has called for a renewed war on poverty.

"We spend more than a trillion dollars for wars on the other side of the world," Jones pointed out. "Imagine how much poverty we could have eradicated with that much investment in our communities here at home."

According to his website, Jones' economic plan will "finish what the New Deal started and create a sustainable economy with good, green jobs."

For more on his economic platform, including his Share the Wealth plan, go to

LeAlan is available for interviews about the latest poverty numbers and its effect on real Americans. Contact the media team at or 312-94-JONES.

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