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Issue Position: Who is Gary Stein? Democrat 2nd District

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

A fed up-working stiff who's lived in S. Jersey since 1990- who went the extra mile- he got his name on the darn ballot as a major party candidate! Born and raised in Dumont, N.J. with some time spent in Pennsylvania where he (me) met and married his wife Cynthia in 1986.

With that briefest of bio's out of the way's how we send a message to the Washington establishment that we've lost patience with all of them. Either unseat our lying (I'm dead serious), term limit breaking- completely mediocre Congressman- or send him back slightly humbled. Maybe he'll consider retiring after this term- he'll be 66 in 2012. Vote for Stein- please, for your sake and mine- I'm an office cleaner by profession,the symbolism won't go unnoticed in Washington.

I'm for: Reducing the size of Government the only way that will work at this point, by eliminating entire Departments. I'm against cliches, bromides and soporific solutions such as "we need more efficiency in government" which we do of course......... so I'm also for, re-writing the civil service code. Historic grievances civil servants had in the past with racist or corrupt party kingpins, mayors, ward leaders- or just bonehead supervisors, can be taken up as easily nowadays, in the courts- the same recourse the rest of us have- or they can simply just plain quit their job and take one in the private sector.

I'm for Single Payer Health Care, i.e., the takeover of the medical insurance industry by the government. Is that the biggest contradiction you ever heard, given what I just said above about big government? No, not at all. Which big gov't department would I eliminate first, on the way to Single Payer? Who knows!?! Try the Dept of Education, or just throw a dart and hope it doesn't hit Defense, State or Treasury. I'm for, sometimes resorting to ....hyperbole, the when and where, a reporter needs to ask me.

I'm pro-choice.

I'm for gay marriage, and immigration amnesty.

I'm for ramping up nuclear power, and I supported George W. Bush's rescue of the banks. I'm dead set against Obamas stimulus spending sprees, but I was, am and always will be for his rescue of GM and Chrysler. As I said above, I supported- I was for- George W. Bush's TARP (Toxic Asset Relief Plan) and my pandering Republican opponent was against it. Thank heaven above, it passed- with bi-partisan support, I might add.

I'm for spending more money to make border secure, and I'm almost ready ( I dream about this in my sleep) to declare war on Mexico's incompetent and corrupt government. And while I'm on the subject; I wish Mexican illegals here in the U.S. would get out front in a boycott- of Mexico- just like I've gotten out front pushing for amnesty for THEM! (The whys and what fores have been expressed by me many times. I only wish the "press" would sit down and do me justice, and discuss in detail)

"The Stein for Congress 2010 campaign is asked many times by different organizations what ideas- I- you're ordinary candidate- one of 870 running for U.S. House of Representatives- has for creating jobs- as if I'm running for President, Treasury Secretary, or maybe Speaker Pelosi's job. I've obliged by contributing the most original idea anybody- running for public office this- or any year could give......

I'm for..... eliminating the underground economy by fazing out cash, and issuing a gov't debit cards in the place of "cash." That's gov't windfall #1. I'm also for... eliminating the Income Tax- for all but the very wealthy; and for eliminating just about every other tax, including state sales taxes, and instituting a regressive national sales tax (an inducement to everybody to move up the economic ladder, and that tax is gov't windfall #2)- BUT not before the Government takes responsibility for the awful mess they've gotten us into and reduces itself by about one third- give or take (see above)....or- I'd be against the brilliant idea- I was just for. Economists, not me, can number crunch what federal sales tax rate is needed to pay for what's left of a streamlined federal and state gov't (the 50 states would get their religion in a hurry too- if I'm elected). Just tell the economists to leave enough left over.....because I'm for paying down the debt by 2020.

That's several ideas you won't see anywhere else, and a very compelling reason to vote- FOR -Gary Stein for Congress.... if we're really are as fed up as we sometimes tell the pollsters we are. Lets do something about it for once. Thank you, Sincerely, Gary Stein.

The Press and concerned citizens everywhere can reach me at..


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