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Issue Position: Federal Budget

Issue Position

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The economy is tough. I know many families who are having a difficult time making ends meet, particularly if one of the breadwinners has lost a job. Most of these families are doing a couple of wise things. First, they are curtailing new expenses. You don't need a new car if the old one gets you from point A to point B. Second, they are eliminating other expenses, such as switching to Netflix instead of going out to the movies.

The government must do the same. Now, I realize that much has changed since the government last balanced the budget. Our national security situation has changed dramatically. So we must prioritize. Like families, we should not buy expensive new things. Obamacare leaps to mind. We need to pare back. There are so many cockamamie Federally funded projects, it would make your head spin--from pickle science to wood research. I will stand up and say, "No."

As your representative, I will watch out for your money. I will support fiscally responsible spending and common sense. I will not support new entitlements and I will hold the Federal Reserve accountable to Congress and to the American people. I will support lower taxes and smaller government. Each of my decisions about taxes and spending will be based on what denies the government any more of your hard-earned money and what prevents our government from mortgaging America's future. I won't stop with simply a balanced budget. I will insist that we begin debt reduction as well! America's families must do it; the Federal government must do it too.

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