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Blog: Our Road to Victory


Location: Unknown

Thirteen months ago I began this journey to become your next US Representative from the 2nd congressional district. In the beginning a lot of people didn't believe we could win against an 18 year incumbent in a gerrymandered district that favors his reelection…but this is a different year and here we are two months prior to the election and we are right in the middle of one of the most competitive races in the country!

How did that happen? While I credit most of it to the grace of God, it's also taken a lot of hard work…and a campaign team that has gone the extra mile to get us where we are today…but most of all it's because the people of SW GA are ready for a change. They realize Sanford Bishop no longer represents us. His 97.7% record of voting with Nancy Pelosi proves how out of touch he is with SW GA. His votes on Cap and Trade, Obamacare, the stimulus bills and the bank bailouts and car buyouts are evidence that he doesn't think the way we think anymore. He is simply a Washington DC resident that comes home every two years to get reelected.

So, we really owe this campaign to the people of SW GA. It's time we come together and take back our representation in Washington! We have two months to get the job done! We have one chance, so let's do it!

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