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Blog: "Politics is All About Who Gets What, When, and How"


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I'm absolutely convinced that the future of the United States of America hinges on who wins and who loses on November 2nd. If we do not take back the House of Representatives in Washington….if Obama, Pelosi, and Bishop continue to have their way for another two years, then heaven help us! We can no longer stand idle on the sidelines - we're not going to take it anymore!

Sanford Bishop's statement at the Dougherty County Kiwanis Club last week:

"Politics is all about who gets what, when, and how."

This type of attitude exemplifies everything that is wrong with the current politicians we've got in DC today, Sanford Bishop being one of the biggest problem of them all. He continues to show no remorse, not only for steering college scholarship money to his own family and friends - scholarship money that was meant for deserving black students who really needed the money, but also for steering Federal taxpayer dollars into the pockets of the same family members involved in the most recent Bishop nepotism scandal through the Congressional Black Caucus scholarship program. In fact, even more troubling is that he claims that somehow it is my fault and that I "should be ashamed of myself"!

The simple question remains: If he does not believe that there is any wrongdoing, why is he paying back the money?

Answer: Because he was caught.

There is a clear pattern of Sanford Bishop's refusal to own up to his unethical behavior and actions; it would seem that he has been in Washington so long that he has not only forgotten what is right and wrong but has also forgotten the people he represents… neither the liberal administration in Washington nor Sanford Bishop seem to care what you and I think or feel - It's all a game.

Well, if you ask me, we need to show Sanford Bishop who gets what, when, and how on November 2nd! Let's get Sanford Bishop what the people of the 2nd congressional district want -- a plane ticket home to Georgia to stay. Game over!

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