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Facts Don't Lie: Brownback Voted for Bailout

Press Release

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On July 26, 2008, Senator Sam Brownback voted YEA on H.R. 3221 which provided the $200 billion bailout to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and increased the federal debt limit to $10.6 trillion. This was the final vote the Senate took on this legislation; it was signed into law by President George W. Bush four days later.

This past weekend at the Kansas State Fair Gubernatorial Debate, Senator Brownback attempted to rewrite his record by giving the impression that he voted against the measure. When pressed by the media, the Brownback Campaign refused to admit the Senator cast a YEA vote for the $200 billion bailout.

"It might be acceptable in Washington to shirk responsibility and never admit the truth -- but that is unacceptable here in Kansas. Senator Brownback voted for the $200 billion bailout of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. This is a matter of fact and a matter of record; it cannot be spun, brushed aside or explained away," said Holland.

"Brownback also supported the Federal Reserve spending $85 billion to bail out AIG -- telling reporters it was appropriate," Holland continued. "In Washington, Senator Brownback voted against funding for Kansas schools, but he had no problem bailing out Wall Street and increasing the national debt. We cannot afford to let somebody with these kind of Washington values lead our state."

Meanwhile, Holland's running mate, Lieutenant Governor Candidate Kelly Kultala, underscored the need for more debates.

"Kansans cannot afford these sorts of Washington-style politics in the Governor's office. We need a leader who will be honest, straightforward and accessible," Kultala said. "That's why we need more debates, so that Kansans in every corner of this state can compare the candidates' records, compare our visions and make an informed choice on Election Day."

Editor's note: Backup documentation

* Wichita Eagle, September 19, 2008, headline: "Brownback: AIG bailout was appropriate"
* Kansas City Star, July 26, 2008, "How they voted"
* Senate Vote 186 Roll Call
* Contributions to Senator Brownback by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

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