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Blog: Trail Notes from Kay Ivey


Location: Unknown

Running from His Party

If you've been following the many political races in Alabama, you've noticed that Democratic candidates this year are up to their old tricks. Just like every election year, they talk like Republicans. They are for economic development and jobs; they want to "cut state spending;" they favor ethics reform. And just like every other election, if we send them back to Montgomery, they will conveniently forget what they campaigned on this year.

Just yesterday, I appeared with my opponent at a forum hosted by the Alabama Forestry Association where I asked him a pointed question: "Jim, I noticed in your new commercial you don't mention the word "Democrat.' Why is that?"

His response was just what you'd expect from a guy who's spent the last four decades trying to make voters believe something he's not--a conservative. He said: "I've never put "Democrat' in my ads. For 30 years, I've run as Jim Folsom. Lieutenant Governor is a non-partisan position. You must make the Senate work for all the people of Alabama."

Well, Jim, let me be the first to inform you that the Senate under your leadership has never worked for all of the people of Alabama, but only a for few of your elitist buddies. While that spin might have a nice ring to it, why are no Republicans in leadership positions in the Senate? Why is there not one single Republican serving as a Chair of any Committee? Is that what non-partisanship is all about? As Honest Abe Lincoln said, "You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time."

Democrats all across Alabama are running from their Party label. In House and Senate races, we are seeing literature touting Democratic candidates that says things like, "an independent voice," or "fresh face with new ideas," and even "It's not about Party affiliation." The Democrats are scared because they know citizens in this great state and nation have had a belly-full of the failed policies that have stifled economic growth and caused job-loss. They know citizens are fed up with the empty and broken promises made every four years. They know that citizens have lost trust in elected officials because of scandals and conviction that have rocked government at every level in Alabama. And guess who's been in charge of the agenda in this sate for over 135 years? It's the Democrats.

You have a chance in 49 days to bring sweeping reform to Alabama. You can ring out the old and ring in the new on November 2nd.

Momentum on the Trail

I continue to travel to as many communities as possible to spread our conservative message and ask voters for their support. Since our last visit, I have spoke directly with many voters around Alabama including speaking at two Tea Party events, Greater Birmingham Young Republicans, Escambia County GOP Headquarter grand opening and the Alabama Forestry Association candidates forum, as well as attending the Medal of Honor Gala in Huntsville. I am encouraged by the enthusiasm voters are displaying --- I sense a clear desire among voters that Alabama is ready for a change. The momentum continues to grow --- I feel certain that on Election Day voters will send a resounding message that will make history.

In Closing…

I say this week after week, but I have to say it again: Tell a friend about Kay Ivey for Lieutenant Governor, and ask them to tell five friends. Campaigns are about people, and we need your help.

The Democrats are waking up to the reality that they are in trouble--from the courthouse to the Capitol--and your prayers, money and vote will mean so much as we work to move this great state forward beginning November 2nd.

We'll see you in a couple of weeks.

Until then I remain,

Always on your side,


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