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Webb Disagrees with Boucher on Cap and Trade

Press Release

Location: Christiansburg, VA

On Labor Day, Democratic Sen. Jim Webb said in a campaign stop in Southside Virginia that he was not a fan of Cap and Trade. He welcomed a person holding a sign against the bill to a rally for 5th District Democratic incumbent Tom Perriello.

"In doing so Sen. Jim Webb has ratified my strong position against the job killing Cap and Trade legislation that Rick Boucher helped write," says Ninth Congressional Republican Candidate Morgan Griffith. "Even though Boucher helped write part of the language, he could not convince his friend Sen. Jim Webb to drink the Kool-Aid with him. The Kool-Aid that Rick Boucher has been drinking is that Cap and Trade won't cost a family more than a cost of postage stamp a week, and all companies will have to do is plant a few trees. Jim Webb doesn't believe this and neither do the people of the 9th District who have studied the issued."

The House of Representatives passed Cap and Trade. Currently it is stalled in the Senate, but some believe it will be brought back up during a lame-duck session in December.

"Rick Boucher voted for a bill that will drastically affect us here in Southwest Virginia, while others in his own party--including Webb--do not stand with him," says Griffith.

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