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Fighting For The 5th: Robert Hurt Comments On Creating Jobs By Supporting Small Businesses


Location: Unknown

The Robert Hurt for U.S. Congress campaign today released the following statement by Robert Hurt on how he will go to Washington to create jobs by supporting small businesses:

"I believe that small businesses, not the government, will create the sustainable private sector jobs that we need to get our economy back on track.

"It is imperative that we have people in Washington who will support, protect, and work with small businesses. We need to provide them with a consistent message out of our nation's Capitol that our policy makers are committed to lowering taxes and lessening government regulations that burden employers.

"It is then that our small businesses will have the confidence to expand their companies and start hiring once again.

"If elected, I will go to Washington and work to support our small businesses. I have taken a pledge not to raise taxes, I believe the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts should be made permanent, I will work to lower the corporate income tax rate, and my limited government philosophy will drive my decisions to ensure that government does not over-regulate and over-burden our job creators."

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