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Blog: My Contract with District 27


Location: Unknown

I have been asked to put in writing some things I will and will not do as an elected representative for District 27. Following are some absolutes that I promise I will not compromise on:

1. I will always protect the unborn. The only situation where I believe abortion is acceptable is when the life of the mother is in immediate danger. I will not, as my opponent has, trade away that principle to fund pet pork projects..

2. I will never let them take our guns. The founders of the Constitution were not thinking of bird hunting when they added the second amendment to our Constitution. These were men who had just lost friends and family fighting a tyrannical government . While I do not promote taking arms against our government, I do believe that my right to protect my family and my property are guaranteed in the Constitution and I will never vote to limit that right.

3. I will not vote to raise your taxes. Our economy works better when you get to decided how your money gets spent. Not only are our taxes to high, they are too complicated.

4. I will vote to Limit Government. The constitution limits what the federal government can and should do. I will work hard to do less, returning power to the states and the people. Less government means more freedom.

5. I will put common sense and principle before politics. Being a leader is about doing what's right, not what's politically expedient.

6. I will never vote on a bill that I have not read. The congressional practice of voting on bills just to "see what's in them" will never happen in my office. As your representative, I understand that it is MY job to understand each bill before the vote. If they are too long to read in a reasonable amount of time, then they should not be passed.

7. I will never forget who elected me. It is important that members of Congress stay in touch with their constituents. For that reason, I promise to never ignore you, to return your calls and letters, and to meet with you face to face on important issues.

8. I believe the job of a U.S. Congressman is temporary and part-time. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Therefore, I will not be spending all my time in Washington DC. My family, my friends and my life are here in South Texas, not Washington, so I'll come home often. I will support term limits.

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