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Governor Bill Richardson Announces NM Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Network

Press Release

Location: Santa Fe, NM

Governor Bill Richardson today announced the launch of the NM STEM Network designed to advance the core competencies of science, technology, engineering and math in NM education and to prepare New Mexico students for their futures.

The NM STEM Network continues the Governor's strong commitment to ensuring that all New Mexico students graduate from high school ready for college and careers.

"The economic future of New Mexico, and this nation, depends on a well-trained, well-educated workforce," Governor Richardson said. "Providing a strong education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is a cornerstone in preparing students for college and careers will ensure that our high school and college graduates will have the skills, knowledge, and drive to succeed in our ever-changing economy."

The network announcement includes a public/private partnership with Gadsden Independent Schools, Regional Education Cooperative (REC)10, Las Cruces Public Schools, New Mexico State University, New Mexico Space History Museum and Innovate+Educate board companies including Intel Corporation, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Battelle Memorial Institute, Cisco
Systems, Qwest Communications and Ford Motor Company Fund. The funding is expected to reach approximately $500,000 over two years.

These funds will be used to provide resources to middle schools and high schools and non-profit partners who will develop and implement curriculum and partnerships for southern New Mexico. Students will benefit from this initiative because their science, engineering, technology, and mathematics curriculum will be more closely aligned with economic development in the
region and these students will have richer opportunities for mentoring and internships as they move from the classrooms into their careers.

"If our economy is to continue to grow, if we are to continue to innovate and improve, we need an educated workforce," Richardson said. "When corporations look to relocate or build a new facility, we want them to think of New Mexico first. We want them to know we have the workforce needed to exceed their expectations. STEM education helps us get there."

The STEM education initiative is designed to provide high quality postsecondary pathways in STEM-related fields to all high school graduates, beginning with the launch of the Southern Region, led by Senator Cynthia Nava. As part of the effort, Innovate+Educate NM will work with New Mexico and U.S. Fortune 500 companies to make internships and other opportunities
available to current middle and high school students and will work with business and industry to partner in systemic, sustainable relationships to advance education in New Mexico.

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