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Pathway to Prosperity

Press Release

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As a candidate for Congress who spends each day traveling Illinois' 11th District and talking with voters, Adam Kinzinger knows from experience that residents have had enough of the big-government, fast-spending ways of today's federal government. Taxpayers do not want Congress to rubber-stamp this Administration's radical policies; they seek a check to bring balance to the nation's agenda. Kinzinger agrees with those taxpayers -- and Republicans, Democrats and Independents across the nation like them -- that the status quo must change in order to revive the American economy, restore financial stability and get the country moving in the right direction.
To that end, Kinzinger has created a legislative agenda for reform that will guide his service in Congress. The "Pathway to Prosperity" is designed as a contract with voters to ensure a clear understanding of Kinzinger's priorities when he becomes the Representative for 11th District taxpayers in January 2011.

An Agenda for our Future

I, Adam Kinzinger, will serve and represent the taxpayers of Illinois' 11th Congressional District through supporting and implementing policy and legislation that creates a:

PATHWAY TO RESPONSIVE REPRESENTATION: I will always consult 11th District constituents and hold frequent open town meetings, traveling office hours and telephone availabilities to ensure the opportunity to make their opinions known. I will never lose sight of my responsibility to reflect the values and serve as the voice of 11th District taxpayers, and will work tirelessly to advocate their point-of-view in the nation's Capitol.

PATHWAY TO ECONOMIC GROWTH: I will enthusiastically support economic policies that spur growth and encourage employers to invest in operations and create jobs. I will work to keep the federal government out of the way of private sector growth, and oppose the over-tax, over-regulate and over-spend mentality that creates business uncertainty and freezes investment. The so-called federal "stimulus" failed to create jobs and contributed to our record budget deficits -- government cannot afford that kind of mistake again.

PATHWAY TO SMALLER GOVERNMENT: I will vote to repeal the Obama-Pelosi health care reform bill and support other initiatives to stop government bureaucracy and expansion. Health care reform must be immediatelyreplaced with far less expensive improvements that are based on the private sector and individual choices, and not government control. We must limit health care cost increases and ensure care for the uninsured without sacrificing individual freedoms or interfering with the doctor-patient relationship.

PATHWAY TO RESPONSIBLE SPENDING: I will seek opportunities to immediately rein in government spending while working to enact long-range reforms to protect taxpayer dollars moving forward. Irresponsible spending has produced a $1.5 Trillion annual budget deficit and a $13 Trillion national debt -- 38% increase in just two years alone, which is hampering economic growth. I will support the cancellation of unspent "stimulus" funds and other planned spending increases while freezing government's discretionary, nondefense spending. In the long-term, I support freezing the Congressional budget while the legislative branch conducts a full audit of federal programs.

PATHWAY TO AMERICAN SECURITY: I will support the Commander in Chief in efforts to provide the United States military with the resources it needs to carry out its mission of keeping American citizens safe from terrorism and other threats around the world. I also support sealing our nation's borders as the first step in solving our nation's illegal immigration problem.

PATHWAY TO KEEPING PROMISES: I will vote to ensure that the federal government keeps the promises it has made to seniors and those who have paid into Social Security and Medicare. I will further work to prevent the certain financial collapse of those programs by promoting bipartisan efforts to ensure its longevity for future generations….promises made should be promises kept.

PATHWAY TO ENERGY INDEPENDENCE: I will support legislation and policies that put America on the path to energy independence through aggressive, environmentally sound exploration and development of domestic sources. I will advocate for expansion of nuclear power plants -- which today employ more than 2,500 11th District constituents -- and for the further development of renewable energy sources of the future.

PATHWAY TO LIMITING TAXES: I will vote to extend existing tax rates for small businesses and families, and prevent any additional job-killing tax proposals. Congress must extend the tax rates implemented in 2001 and 2003 in order to prevent a $3.8 Trillion tax increase that would begin in January, 2011. I strongly support extending those rates, and preventing an across-the-board federal income tax hike and the return of the marriage penalty, death tax and other charges on taxpayers.

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