Blog: Why I Stand Up for Our Seniors


By:  Alan Nunnelee
Date: Sept. 8, 2010
Location: Unknown

Today I signed two pledges that are important for protecting the seniors of North Mississippi: a pledge to never privatize Social Security, and a pledge to repeal ObamaCare.

Our nation has made a solemn, moral promise to our seniors. For their entire lives, the men and women on Social Security today paid into the system as a way to save for their future. They made spending decisions based on the assumption that Social Security's safety net would be there for them. When they paid their hard-earned money into Social Security, they entered into a bond of trust with our government.

We must never break that bond. These are the same people that didn't give up on America during the Great Depression, when times were tougher than they ever have been. These are the same people that didn't break their bond with America when she needed defending against tyranny. These are the same people that built our economy back from the ground up with their own hands. They stuck with America, through thick and thin, and as your next Congressman, I'll make sure America continues to stick with them.

I've said since the beginning of this campaign that I'd never privatize Social Security, but there's also another issue that is of great concern to our senior citizens: ObamaCare. This Congress jeopardized the financial security of North Mississippi seniors when they passed ObamaCare. ObamaCare cuts Medicare, raises taxes and fees on folks that can't afford it, and makes insurance more expensive. If you say you are standing up for seniors, you have to stand against ObamaCare. That's why I've called on Congressman Childers to sign the same pledge to repeal ObamaCare.

We talk a lot in elections about looking toward the future, but sometimes we need to look back and honor those that got us here. As your next Congressman, I'll never forget what our seniors have done for all of us.


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