Blog: Remembering Our Values


By:  Alan Nunnelee
Date: Sept. 2, 2010
Location: Unknown

Last Wednesday, Americans United for Life, an organization that fights for pro-life policies, honored me with their Certificate of Appreciation for closing the door on the possibility of ObamaCare spending your money on abortions. I was honored to lead that effort and to receive AUL's recognition.

AUL's Executive Director, Terri Herring, said it best: "In Mississippi, most elected officials say they are pro-life but what we really need is leadership." I'm proud to have joined forces with other strong, pro-life public leaders to make this state safer for unborn children. It reminds me of why I wanted to run for Congress in the first place.

The world is a complicated and busy place. Most people work hard everyday, putting food on the table, paying car and house notes, and shuffling kids from home to their activities. We must never lose sight of the values that should be guiding those busy lives. And we should never hesitate to fight for those values.

For me, my faith directs my priorities. Each day is a blessing from God, but the days where I get to stand up for my priorities, like making this world safer for all God's children, are days that are even more special.

With our economy in a tailspin and people hurting for jobs, it's easy to stay focused on issues that affect the pocketbook. But I won't ever forget the importance of focusing on core values, as well.


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