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Same Old Politics: Loebsack Says He Worked Against Hit to Small Business But Then He Voted for It

Press Release

Location: Ottumwa, IA

Rep. David Loebsack's explanation that he worked against a health care provision that hits small business before he voted for the bill that includes it sounds exactly like 2004 presidential candidate John Kerry's claim that he voted for funding the Iraq war before voting against it.

On Monday, Republican candidate Mariannette Miller-Meeks said she would vote to repeal the entire Obama health care bill but would start with the section requiring businesses to report the purchase of any goods and services over $600. She called on Loebsack to vote to repeal the provision, too. Loebsack tried today to defend his vote for the Obama health care bill that includes a provision by saying he worked against it.

"It's classic Washington stuff. Dave Loebsack says he tried to help small businesses but then he voted to hit them hard in the health care bill. He's trying to have it both ways and the public is sick and tired of that stuff," Miller Meeks said.

Starting next year, businesses will be required to file 1099 tax forms reporting any purchases of goods and services over $600 from any individual, business or corporation. Currently, businesses only need to file those forms when they buy services from an unincorporated person or business. Democrats say the move will raise $17.1 billion from tax evaders over the next 10 years but small business groups say it will be extremely time-consuming and expensive for more than 40 million businesses, including 26 million sole proprietors.

"David Loebsack can puff out his chest and claim he worked to get rid of it, but in the end, he voted for the entire Obama health care bill knowing it was in there. We're tired of that bait-and-switch routine," Miller-Meeks said. "He can't escape the fact he voted to raise taxes on businesses by $19 billion, which is killing jobs and slowing the recovery. If he honestly wanted to protect small business he would've demanded a stand-alone bill instead of going along with Nancy Pelosi once again."

She added, "Iowa families want results not political games. This is just like his yes vote on cap-and-tax that is going to cost the average family $1,800 a year and send more Iowa jobs overseas and exactly like his vote for a stimulus bill that indebts future generations of Americans to China while doing nothing to help ease unemployment. His rhetoric doesn't match his record. It's just another example of David Loebsack saying one thing to us here in Iowa and voting with the extreme left wing. Old Professor Loebsack should give himself an F because he has definitely failed the small businesses of the Second District."

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