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Marco Rubio Comments On President's Economic Proposals


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U.S. Senate Republican nominee Marco Rubio today issued the following statement regarding President Obama's economic proposals announced earlier this week:

"Our overriding priority is to create jobs in Florida and across our nation. The President and Congress should be working to keep, rather than raise, existing tax rates. While making the R&D tax credit permanent and allowing businesses to immediately write off capital expenditures are ideas that should have been adopted long ago, we must all be concerned about Washington's inability to break the habit of wanting more failed government spending sprees and refusing to confront the real challenges facing job creators in America.

"More stimulus spending will empower Washington politicians to pick the winners in our economy, while the rest of us will lose and foot the bill for more reckless spending. It is alarming and, frankly, fiscally irresponsible of President Obama to call for even more stimulus spending, while we still have a chance to stop what's left of the failed $800 billion stimulus. What American entrepreneurs and workers need right away is for Washington to get serious about its out-of-control spending and eliminate the uncertainty surrounding the 2001 and 2003 tax rates that are set to expire on January 1.

"I commend House Republicans who are rallying behind two specific ideas I supported earlier this summer to cut spending and create jobs. I support a freeze of federal non-defense, non-veteran discretionary spending at 2008 levels, in addition to enacting a two-year freeze on all current tax rates. While I believe the optimal course is to permanently extend the existing tax rates for working families and businesses, preserve the higher child tax credit and prevent the return of the marriage penalty and death tax, our most immediate goal should be to make sure taxes do not go up in just 112 days as Washington's leadership is callously prepared to do."

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