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Blog: Remembering 9/11


Location: Unknown

We all remember where we were on September 11, 2001, and I am also confronted with the memory of where I was not. I had a meeting scheduled at Cantor Fitzgerald but it was rescheduled a few days before the attack. Like so many other Americans, I was stunned by the tragedy we witnessed in the attacks but inspired by the way we came together.

Nine years ago today, our country was in shock as the twin towers fell, part of the Pentagon had been turned to rubble, and a Pennsylvania field became the resting place for heroes on a plane bound for yet another target. We didn't see our nation consumed with fear, but we instead united as a community. Our first responders saved countless lives as many gave their own, and our troops, sent to a new theater soon after the attacks, continue to sacrifice as they face the threat of radicals who resent our freedoms.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those lost that day, as well as their families whose lives changed forever. We give our deepest thanks to the men and women who guard our country from terror, and we are reminded to remain vigilant as we protect our freedoms that remain at risk.

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