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Blog: Vernon Manufacturer's Product: Made in America and Proud of It


Location: Unknown

When Kevin Bantle lost his job to downsizing, he turned to his hobby to make a living. He took his portable sawmill on the road. But the wooden handles on his portable mill kept breaking.

To fix the problem, Kevin invented aluminum handles that worked so well, he was soon making them for others. He made so many of these handles, or cant hooks, as they are called, that he soon gave up the sawmill. After about a year of making these special cant hooks in his garage, Kevin moved to a larger space in an industrial park in Vernon, where he runs LogRite, a line of tools to handle and move logs and prune trees.

Kevin is proud of the fact that his product is 100 percent made in America. And although he has a patent, he says overseas companies have copied his invention and have even used photos of his merchandise to sell their knock-offs.

To help businesses like LogRite compete with foreign companies that are trying to undercut him, our government needs to promote a stable environment, one in which "Made in America" means people like Kevin are able to run a company that is successful enough for them to care for their families, build their business and create wealth.

We do this by protecting intellectual property rights, enforcing contracts, maintaining the infrastructure, keeping prices level and the dollar stable and keeping people safe.

As a former CEO who built a business with my husband, I understand the hard work and sacrifice that people like Kevin make to achieve their dream. In Washington, I will fight for policies to protect that dream.

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