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Blog: Lunch with Brad Davis, Gov. Rell, and 230 of Brad's Friends


Location: Unknown

On Monday, I had lunch with Talk of Connecticut radio host Brad Davis and Gov. M. Jodi Rell at Zandri's Stillwood Inn in Wallingford. Just the three of us… and 230 of Brad's ardent listeners!

We were guests of a Brad Davis Listener Luncheon. So popular, they pack the room.

The governor recalled some of her proudest accomplishments over the years, and she gave me a warm introduction. "She's a normal person," my friend, Gov. Rell, told the crowd. "You'll like her a lot."

Gov. Rell and I have bonded over personal ties. For starters, we both have fond childhood memories of North Carolina. I grew up there, and the Governor spent summers there as a teen visiting her aunt and uncle. Last year, the Governor appointed me to the State Board of Education. We are both strong Republican women, and we dote on our grandchildren!

After I decided to run for Senate, Gov. Rell was one of the first people I called.

"You will love the people of our state," she told me, adding that she had learned "from the quiet corners and beyond, the people of Connecticut are hurting. We've got to get the economy back on track."

That's exactly why I'm running for Senate.

It's time for Washington to take an honest assessment, recognize that its economic policies are failing and change course. We need to stop government growth and deficit spending. Smaller government will decrease the tax burden on small businesses, and it will help reduce debilitating federal regulations that make it difficult to impossible to plan for the future, expand and create jobs.

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