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Gavin Newsom Accepts Democratic Nomination for Lieutenant Governor


Location: San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom accepted the Democratic nomination for Lieutenant Governor, his campaign announced today. "I accept this nomination with a profound sense of humility and a clear determination to fix what's wrong with Sacramento," said Newsom. "Voters from every corner of this state are responding to our message of reform and are ready to re-energize our economy, create new jobs and green jobs, invest in education and protect our environment and our coast."

"The race for LG will offer a clear choice between someone who has been
satisfied just getting by in Sacramento versus someone who is going to work to change it. Between someone who is clearly part of the problem versus someone who is committed to bold solutions. This is the time to stand up, speak out and provide new ideas and open, accountable leadership. California's future depends on it."

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