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Issue Position: A Sound Currency and Reducing Government Waste

Issue Position

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As the United States continues to suffer through a severe economic contraction, that many are referring to as The Greater Depression, we in Montana are also affected by massive federal government spending and ballooning national debt. Fiscal responsibility is one of the primary functions of good government, yet many liberals in the Montana state capital Support Sound Currency!are devoted to worsening the problem with increased government borrowing and spending. Massive spending and increased debt are the cause of the problem, not the solution! As your representative, be assured I will continue to fight wasteful government spending and debt.

Ultimately, if the debt levels continue to grow, it is the currency itself that gets devalued and becomes worth-less every year. This is a very serious condition that can negatively impact the very union of states in America. Indeed, the U.S. Constitution itself states clearly in Article 1, Section 10 that "no state shall make anything but gold and silver coin a Tender in Payment of Debts". However, with a pure fiat US currency since 1971 with no gold or silver backing, state and federal governments have been given unlimited spending and debt creation powers. With the resultant abuse of these unconstitutional powers, the big spenders have created a problem of epic proportions. The only solution is to return to a sound currency with gold or silver backing. Hence, I am proud to be co-sponsor of Montana House Bill 369. Please join with me in supporting a gold/silver backed currency to protect the freedom and future prosperity of the great state of Montana!

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