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Hoeffel Statement on Kerry Selection of Edwards

Location: Unknown

Hoeffel Statement on Kerry Selection of Edwards

Philadelphia, PA: Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate Rep. Joe Hoeffel today issued the following statement regarding Senator John Kerry's selection of Senator John Edwards for Vice President:

"I believe John Edwards is going to be a great Vice President. It was especially important that John Kerry announced his selection right here in Pennsylvania. We are a key battleground in this election and in determining America's future. Now it's time for our party and our country to come together behind a strong and dynamic Kerry-Edwards ticket. I'm looking forward to running with them all across our state because we stand together on the critical need to change course in Washington. We Democrats stand together on the need to reject a failed Bush-Cheney agenda at home and abroad and replace not only the occupants of the White House but also the Republican majorities in Congress that have been enacting those disastrous policies. We are united in our determination to build a future that works for every Pennsylvanian and every American, and I believe the voters are going to help us build that kind of future."

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