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Hoeffel Statement on Cheney in Pennsylvania

Location: Unknown


PHILADELPHIA , PA - Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate Rep. Joe Hoeffel today issued the following statement regarding Vice President Dick Cheney's visit to
Pennsylvania :

"It's nice that Vice President Cheney feels better after his recent behavior on the Senate Floor. But a much more important question is whether Pennsylvanians feel better after nearly four years of Bush-Cheney policies that have hit our state with job losses, skyrocketing health care costs and underfunded public schools.

"It's bad enough that Cheney has tried to make energy policy in secret and misstate the facts about ties between Iraq and al-Qaeda. Just as troubling is the way in which this White House continues to funnel huge, no-bid contracts to its friends for rebuilding Iraq while shortchanging military families and veterans of vital services like quality health care.

"It's outrageous that while Mr. Cheney's former employer rakes in billions in taxpayer dollars, the administration is cutting funds for veterans' health care and other essential services to present and former military personnel. They want to impose new co-payments and enrollment fees that will cost veterans more than $2 billion over five years and even restrict the number of veterans who can enroll for VA health care services.

"So when Dick Cheney comes to Pennsylvania , we know all too well who gets help and who gets hurt by his misguided priorities and failed policies at home and abroad."

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