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Hoeffel Statement on Specter's Support of Myers' Nomination

Location: Philadelphia, PA


"Myers' record on the environment is weak; his other legal experience is not broad enough to compensate. Environmentally conscious Republicans should join Democrats in opposing him."
- San Jose Mercury News, 3/25/04

PHILADELPHIA , PA - Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Rep. Joe Hoeffel today issued the following statement on Arlen Specter's vote in support of William G. Myers' nomination to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals:

"Less than two weeks ago Arlen Specter voted to confirm James Leon Holmes - a man whose opposition to reproductive rights and view of women as subservient to men are clearly outside the mainstream of Pennsylvania - to the federal bench. And today Specter voted in support of a former lobbyist who more than 80 environmental, labor, civil rights, American Indian, and women's rights groups are opposed to because of his ideological extremism and steadfast opposition to environmental protection.

"Senator Specter has continued to say he is proud of his support for every one of President Bush's divisive judicial nominees, but he shouldn't be proud of his support for Mr. Holmes or Mr. Myers. It's clear that votes like this are the price of George Bush and Rick Santorum's critical support for Specter in his recent primary race, and mainstream Pennsylvanians are the real losers. We need leadership that puts the needs of our state's families and communities first, and that's exactly what I'll do in the Senate."

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