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Quayle to Opponent: Glad You Brought That Up

Press Release

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Republican Congressional Candidate Ben Quayle, responding to his opponent's attack ad on Christian radio regarding morality, began airing his own ad today drawing some clear distinctions between the candidates on various social issues. "As the ad states," said Quayle Communications Director Jay Heiler, "it's surprising the man has raised the subject, but I'm glad he did. We're a long way from San Francisco, and it's a tough election cycle for a limousine liberal carrying around maximum contributions from Nancy Pelosi and the SEIU."

"It's obvious that he's trying to re-invent himself for a campaign," continued Heiler, "but that $9,000 will speak more loudly to voters than all the millions Hulburd can spend."

"The SEIU is a politicized left-wing union organization leading a boycott effort against Arizona over SB 1070," said Quayle. "My opponent should renounce its support and provide a full and immediate explanation to the people of Arizona as to why he runs with a crowd seeking to hurt the people of our state."

Quayle called on Hulburd a week ago to renounce the support of the SEIU and other left-wing union organizations promoting a boycott against Arizona, but to date he has not.

In the ad Ben Quayle's strong conservative stance on social issues is contrasted with John Hulburd's record of support for left-wing unions, abortion advocacy, gay marriage and Obamacare. "Ben Quayle's opponent is just another Nancy Pelosi liberal with a phony message to hide it," says a woman's voice in narration. It will air widely in Phoenix.

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