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DesJarlais: Social Security Must be Saved

Press Release

Location: Jasper, TN

Liberal Policies of Washington Threaten the Program, Benefits to Seniors; Why Are Democrats More Interested in Playing Politics Than Helping Americans?

As the Social Security program reaches its 75th year, Scott DesJarlais, the conservative physician who wants to fight Washington's free-spending ways, committed to restoring the solvency of the program and fight against the policies that threaten the program's ability to keep its promise to our nation's seniors.

The Social Security Administration leads a social insurance program that is funded from payroll taxes and federal contributions. The program provides supplemental payments to support seniors and is the largest single program in the federal budget in terms of funds paid. Recent studies have indicated the program will start running a permanent deficit in 2015 as more individuals draw from the system than pay into it. The liberal leadership in Washington has prevented a common sense consensus from being reached by all sides, as the supporters of President Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi seem more interested in moving the country in the direction of complete government control over all aspects of Americans' lives.

Dr. Scott DesJarlais, a practicing Tennessee physician who has served many patients with government-sponsored health care, believes in common sense reforms for the Social Security program that will uphold the commitment to seniors, protect the benefits promised to seniors and not raise taxes on any individual.

"With the growing Republican tidal wave in November, especially in Tennessee, Democrats across the country are getting desperate in an attempt to hold on to the reins of power. Voters are going to hear a lot of accusations in this election. I would encourage them to do some fact-checking on our liberal counterparts and see what the truth really is," said the DesJarlais.

"This will certainly be the case when it comes to Social Security. The fact is, Democrats in Washington are doing everything they can to doom a program that must be protected. Their big-spending, job-killing agenda is not only derailing our economy but it is going to harm a program that is vital to the interests of Tennessee seniors," remarked the Republican nominee. "I pledge to do everything I can to fight their big-government agenda and work with seniors to restore this important program."

He continued, "Social Security benefits can be protected without raising the retirement age on our seniors and without raising taxes. To make any change like these would be reckless and would destroy our commitment to seniors. Unfortunately, Washington liberals are poised to break this promise. Their outrageous spending policies are running up deficits as far as the eye can see. Not only are they putting our seniors in jeopardy, they are putting our nation in danger. That must stop."

"In order to save the program and provide complete benefits for our seniors, I firmly believe Washington's reckless spending must end. We can balance the budget, reduce the size and scope of government and allow the private sector to create jobs once again all the while maintaining our promise to seniors. This is a common sense solution that Democrats refuse to discuss. Tennessee voters should be asking why Democrats prefer to play politics instead of coming up with legitimate solutions to protect our seniors? I urge the Democratic leadership in Washington and their liberal supporters to put aside the political gamesmanship and put the best interests of our nation first. From the beginning, my campaign has been about representing Tennessee, not D.C. -- especially when it comes to protecting our seniors," concluded DesJarlais.

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