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Hoeffel Says Bush-Cheney Administration Fails to Respond to Urgent Needs of Families and Communities in Western PA

Location: Washington, DC


Campaigning with Kerry-Edwards Ticket in Greensburg, U.S. Senate Candidate Says Specter Support for Bush-Cheney Agenda Has Hurt Pennsylvania Economy

GREENSBURG, PA - After campaigning in Greensburg with a united Kerry-Edwards ticket, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Joe Hoeffel today issued the following statement about President George W. Bush's visit to Pittsburgh:

"George Bush rolled into Pittsburgh this afternoon on what he's calling the 'Heart and Soul of America' tour. But if the President looked closely at what's going on in southwestern Pennsylvania, he'd see how his administration's priorities have broken the hearts of the unemployed and the uninsured in our state - and sacrificed the soul of our great manufacturing economy.

"Since Republicans are in charge of both houses of Congress and the White House, you might think they would make good on their ideas about 'making government run more like a business.' Unfortunately, it turns out that their business model is Enron and WorldCom.

"Families and communities in southwestern Pennsylvania have had to pay the price for President Bush's failed economic policy that has turned budget surpluses into record deficits and favored tax breaks for millionaires over critical investments in public schools and veterans' health care, in local police and job training.

"Pennsylvanians have had to pay the price as President Bush and Senator Specter have failed to enforce fair trade and even given tax breaks for corporations that outsource American jobs. They're paying the price for a prescription drug plan that helps drug companies more than seniors, for rollbacks in environmental protections that help polluters rather than public health, for energy policies that help big oil companies instead of investing in our country's energy independence, and for an arrogant, go-it-alone foreign policy that has cost far too many American lives and taxpayer dollars.

"So President Bush and Arlen Specter are going to have trouble winning the hearts and souls of Pennsylvanians, when their policies have left our state with 157,000 fewer manufacturing jobs, 260,000 more people without health insurance, and 358,000 people in unemployment lines.

"According to the newest statistics today, their priorities have brought us a record-high federal deficit and an economy that may be helping a handful of the wealthiest Americans and corporations, but still isn't creating good jobs or higher income for the vast majority of our families. The Republicans in Washington have had their chance, but they haven't gotten the job done.

"I know we can do better. And as I said in Greensburg today, John Kerry and John Edwards know Pennsylvania needs help and needs hope - and together, we'll bring the urgency of now to the job of building a future that works for our state and our country."

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