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Issue Position: Social Security and Medicare

Issue Position

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I am committed that both Social Security and Medicare will be there for seniors and future retiree's. We need to ensure that benefits are protected and that taxes and the retirement age are not increased. We have a responsibility and a commitment to seniors to fund our obligation to them and not place the system in jeopardy by moving away from the current program to privatization of the system.

One way to ensure solvency of the system is getting our economy back on track and getting people back to work. The current policies of out of control spending, massive deficits and debt are creating uncertainty and have eroded confidence thus reducing private sector investments and job creation. The big spending and job killing agenda currently in Washington are adding to the financial problems of Social Security. There has been a significant increase of sixty-two year olds being forced into early retirement because they have lost their job and have no other choice. This new development coupled high unemployment according to the Social Security trustees has reported that this year and next the fund will be running a deficit. Current policies from our Congress are making a bad situation worse and risking the financial security of our seniors.

Other initiatives to ensure solvency are to reduce Medicare fraud which is estimated to be over $60 billion annually. Additionally, verification of claims prior to payment is estimated by numerous groups including the AARP to save over $100 billion in the next ten years.

We should also ensure that seniors have access to their physicians and that the physician's reimbursement rates are comparable to market costs. Congress has not appropriately addressed the long-term Sustainable Growth Rate formula but rather enacts temporary fixes that puts seniors in a precarious position. It is intolerable for our senior citizens who have earned this benefit to have to struggle to receive healthcare because Congress has refused to adequately address physician reimbursement rates to ensure there will be a doctor there to provide seniors with timely and quality healthcare.

My commitment as your Congressman will be to cut deficit spending and the debt, lower the tax burden for individuals and small businesses and create private sector jobs. When these policies are instituted and we restore our economy and get people working again, I will support a bipartisan effort to reform our Social Security system making sure that our seniors and future retirees are protected and they will have confidence that their monthly checks will be there as they were promised.

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