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Boccieri Takes a Front Row Seat for Obama Speech, 16th District Gets a Front Row Seat to his Failure

Press Release

Location: Canton, OH

Today, John Boccieri joined Barack Obama in northeast Ohio as the President laid out his new plan to repair America's broken economy. Unfortunately for our economy, the "new" plan looks a lot like Obama's old plan--more debt, higher taxes and fewer jobs for the American people. Despite the fact that Obama's first "stimulus" plan, which was wholeheartedly backed by John Boccieri, failed to stimulate anything other than the deficit, John Boccieri and Barack Obama remain undeterred in their efforts to corrupt America's future with more of their same failed policies from the past.

"Considering all of the commitments that John Boccieri has made and then broken to his constituents, it's truly unfortunate that the one commitment he seems unwilling to break is his commitment to the Obama-Pelosi economic death march that is crippling our state and our country. In the past 19 months alone, John Boccieri, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi have added a record $3 trillion to the national debt, while the unemployment rate in our district has skyrocketed. Our nation cannot tax and spend its way to prosperity--American families understand that, American businesses understand that and it's time we send people to Washington who understand that too," Jim Renacci said today.

While the President paid lip service to much needed tax relief today by mentioning specific tax cuts that he now supports, he simultaneously called for the expiration of the 2001 & 2003 tax cuts, which would amount to one of the largest tax increases in American history. The President's tax hike plan, which John Boccieri supports, would not only raise income taxes, but would also increase capital gains taxes by 33% and would implement a 55% death tax in 2011. This wave on tax increases would stand in addition to the $1.4 trillion in tax hikes that John Boccieri has voted for in the past 12 months alone.

"While John Boccieri gets rewarded with a front row seat to the President's speech, his constituents are left with a front row seat to the unmitigated economic disaster that has defined his brief, but destructive time in Congress," Renacci added.

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