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Blog: 2 Months to Go!


Location: Unknown

Well, only two months to go (62 days to be exact) until the American people get the chance to render their verdict on how well the Obama Administration and the Pelosi/Reid Congress have run the country over the last few years. (And it's important to remember that even though President Obama has only been in the Oval Office a little less than two years, the Democrats have had complete control of Congress, both the House and the Senate, for nearly four years now. They had already been in control of Congress for nearly two years when the economic meltdown happened in September of 2008. Of course that didn't stop them from blaming it on Republicans.)

Most of the political pundits are now predicting a rout -- that Democrats are going to lose the House, and maybe even the Senate. I feel confident, but not overconfident, that we will win our race. Enthusiasm is tremendous, and we're firing on all cylinders, but we can't let up, and we won't.

So what's Steve Driehaus up to? Well, he's run his first TV ad, and it's a doozy. An article appearing in the Enquirer two days ago about the ad was headlined "Driehaus Proclaims Himself a Fiscal Conservative." Can you believe this guy? How someone with a voting record like his could, with a straight face, call himself a "fiscal conservative" is beyond me.

He voted for the $814 billion so-called economic stimulus package which has driven the national debt to previously undreamt-of heights, and clearly hasn't worked, despite Joe Biden's attempted pedaling of a so-called "Recovery Summer." (No one's buying it.)

Driehaus voted for the thoroughly discredited Cap and Trade bill, which, if it becomes law, will drive more jobs overseas, dramatically drive up the cost to drive your car or heat or cool your home, and virtually everything you purchase.

And perhaps most notoriously, Driehaus, after leading us to believe he would vote against it, voted for Nancy "we've got to pass the bill to find out what's in it" Pelosi's trillion dollar plus health care power-grab.

And, Steve Driehaus has voted with the biggest-spending, most liberal Speaker in our nation's history, Nancy Pelosi, 94.8% of the time. Some fiscal conservative.

It's been said that you can predict how honestly a candidate will represent you in office, by how they run their campaign -- whether they tell you the truth about their positions, or whether they try to mislead you. Posing as a fiscal conservative, when even a cursory look at your record shows that you're anything but, isn't acting honestly.

And even something as seemingly innocuous as yard signs can tell you something about a candidate. Campaigns spend a lot of money purchasing them, and a lot of time and effort securing the permission of homeowners to display political signs in their yards. It's a way for voters to show their support for a particular candidate, or party, or political point of view. That's why it's particularly disappointing when a homeowner's front yard is trespassed upon and political signs are damaged, destroyed, or stolen.

Now I've been through a lot of campaigns over the years, and vandalism occurs, and generally it's no big deal. But this past Saturday, in the middle of the night, an organized wrecking crew traveled this Congressional District stealing, shredding, and destroying dozens and dozens of "Chabot signs," to an extent I've never seen since first running for office 31 years ago. Check out these photos.

This wasn't just a few kids out on a lark, it was an organized effort to strike at one of our strengths -- the strong grassroots support our campaign has across this Congressional District. An interesting point -- the only other signs stolen or destroyed that night were those of Mike Robison, who just happens to be running against Denise Driehaus, Steve Driehaus's sister.

Anyway, enough of that. I began this blog reminding you that we only have two months to go to begin to change the direction of this country. Two months to go to reverse the Obama Administration and the Pelosi/Reid Congress's march towards bigger government, skyrocketing spending and debt, and ever-rising taxes. Two months to go to begin enacting policies to get the economy moving again and get Americans back to work. Two months to go to get the Washington out-of-control spending under control. Two months until the change -- from The Change.

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