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Blog: Moving Forward


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With a profound sense of humility and the love of my life, Aileen, my family and friends by my side, last night I had the honor of accepting your nomination to be South Florida's families' new voice in the United States Congress.

I'm running for Congress for a very simple reason. I love my community and want my daughter's generation to have the same opportunities and shot at the American dream that my wife and I had. To me, the American dream starts with making sure that everyone who wants to work can find a good job.

We need to strengthen small businesses that create jobs and prosperity. We need to stop shrinking our economy and start growing the middle class. We need to hold career politicians and Wall Street accountable. And we need to make our children a priority.

On the issues that matter most to our families, there are clear differences between my opponent and me.

* David Rivera has shown that he will do anything to win an election, even if it means lying, breaking the law and putting people's lives in danger. I believe in treating others the way you'd like to be treated -- with honesty, dignity and respect. You will always know where I stand, especially on tough issues, and I will always listen to you even when we disagree.
* As Tallahassee Budget Chair, David Rivera showed he thinks the way to create a strong economy is by raising taxes on people who work for a living and giving unfair tax-breaks to special interests and people who don't need them. I believe our economy has to work for people who work for a living. That means we need a tax code that's fair, rewards hard work and allows small businesses do what they do best: create jobs and grow our economy.
* David Rivera believes this congressional seat is owed to him and that government should work for special interests, career politicians and lobbyists like him. That's why he was responsible for what was called "Florida's most irresponsible budget ever" by newspapers across the state. I believe real leaders work for the families they represent and in government that's accountable, efficient and transparent with your tax dollars.

While David Rivera and I have very different ideas and records, this election is ultimately about you and the solutions our families need. It's about people like my good friend Henry, who owns Bagel Express on Kendall Drive, works hard and has an excellent credit score but can't get a loan for his small business. I believe the $30 billion of the bail-out money Wall Street banks have repaid should be used to help community banks give qualified small business owners, like Henry, the credit they need to stay afloat.

It's people like Henry who I think about every day and serve as my north star. With your help, I will be their voice and yours in Washington.

I am grateful for your support. Let's get South Florida back to work.

- Joe

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