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Issue Position: Foreign Policy

Issue Position

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America spends 700 billions dollars a year in Foreign aid; a great part of those funds (U.S taxpayer's money) is given to governments who are not real allies of America, in fact some of these governments really hate us.

A government program created by President Dwight David Eisenhower and signed into Law on July 10, 1954, when Eisenhower stated that the legislation's purpose was to: "lay the basis for a permanent expansion of our exports of agricultural products with lasting benefits to ourselves and peoples of other lands."

In 1961 President Kennedy renamed the program "Food for Peace". I have seen first hand the funds generated from this great program stolen and pocketed by Foreign Officials. I will work hard to make all governments receiving foreign aid from our country, and benefiting from the PL-480 Program, fully accountable and responsible for every American taxpayer's dollar we spend abroad.

I will help shape our foreign policy to make it work effectively, creating friends instead of enemies for America. We are in danger of loosing all our friends, not only in the Western Hemisphere but all over the World. I will work hard to reverse that trend, as I have experienced first hand the arrogant clumsiness of some of our top officials working abroad.

America must remain Strong militarily and economically but also understand it is in our best interest to back up friendly governments and work with them, rather than "puppets" that have never been able to help their people or their country.

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