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The News-Press - James Roach: Connie Mack Wrong on Ending Bush Tax Cuts


Location: Unknown

Who would have thought that I, the Democratic congressional candidate, would be referring to Fox News and Sarah Palin to counter Connie Mack's latest guest opinion in The News-Press on the expiration of the Bush tax cuts?

Connie Mack asserts that the administration plans on allowing tax rates to increase ... "on small business, seniors and hardworking American families." This is simply not true! For months the administration, Fox News and even Sarah Palin have clearly stated that the tax increases would only apply to the richest 2 percent of Americans, those making more than $250,000 - which includes Connie Mack.

The truth is that the Bush temporary tax cuts were put in place to create jobs and build our economy. They were set to expire this year, supposedly when all of those new jobs had been created. By the way, Mr. Mack, where are the new jobs that these tax cuts were supposed to create? I don't see them here in Southwest Florida!

And why are you now pushing for a free trade agreement with Colombia and Panama to take even more jobs away from our citizens? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to recognize that (paraphrasing Ross Perot) the next sound you hear will be the sound of even more American jobs running to the low wages and, in some cases, deplorable working conditions of developing countries.

In his guest opinion in The News-Press, Connie Mack also referred to the Congressional Budget Office statement that keeping the tax cuts would strengthen economic growth next year and lower unemployment. He omitted the rest of the sentence where the CBO said that the extension would be "harmful in the long run."

This type of rhetoric and political party blaming is nothing more than a scare tactic. That is why Americans are, across the board, frustrated and distrustful of our government and the political parties. Instead of using scare tactics and bickering across the aisle, our representative should be more honest with his voters and start working with others in Congress to do what is best for Southwest Florida and the United States.

One might be more inclined to believe Connie Mack's misrepresentations if the facts weren't so readily available. Maybe that's why Mr. Mack refuses to attend candidate forums and debates before the upcoming election. The people of Southwest Florida deserve a chance to hear both sides of the issues. If he won't attend the public debates, I think he should stop trying to scare voters into reelecting him.

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