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Issue Position: Clean Energy

Issue Position

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In 2006 I had the opportunity to travel through Europe. I was amazed at how much the farmlands of Germany and Denmark reminded me of home. Unlike home though, dotting the hills and vistas there were massive wind turbines that blended into the scenery like giant daisies. Even then I dreamed of South Dakota benefiting from this technology.

I am a huge fan of clean energy. I drive a Ford F150 Flex Fuel pickup. I use E-85 almost exclusively, only using 10% when I am in areas that do not carry E-85. I installed a geo-thermal heating and cooling system in my 105 year old house and I have a corn burning stove.

I support ethanol, bio-diesel, natural gas, propane, and wind electricity development and production. I also know that it is in our best interest to maximize the use of our own natural resources here in America, which special interest groups have blocked, instead of buying foreign oil. I believe that South Dakota has some of the future answers to America's clean energy needs. We must expand ethanol, biodiesel, and wind electricity production in South Dakota which will not only help our environment, but will help free America from a forced dependency on foreign oil, and are sound business investments for South Dakota's future.

I am not a fan of the Cap & Trade (tax) legislation that is being considered in Congress. It is a bureaucratic shell game which is proven to do little to help the problem but is proven to grossly raise the costs of electricity for consumers. It would hurt businesses, everyday South Dakotans, our state and national economies, and would only help our competitors in the world by weakening America.

My faith is in my fellow South Dakotans to evolve in our energy use, production, and conservation, not the creation of yet another wasteful federal government program.

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