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Issue Position: Predators in Sioux Falls - Pornography

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

We would like to keep this problem under the rug. Pornography has been shown to increase violence to women and children and ruin family relationships. In a Sioux Falls case, it turned a traffic-ticket-only citizen into a rapist and murderer of an 8 year old girl. And Sioux Falls would rather pretend it never happened. Communities determine what kind of entertainment their city allows. We could easily vote this kind of vileness outside our city limits. According to a 1973 Federal law obscene material is not protected by the first amendment. We could make it harder for those so addicted to gain access to it. Once again, society needs to protect our weaker citizens. In this case both the man and the little girl needed to be protected from pornography.

Our Police did a great job on nabbing the murderer - but could possibly have saved the child if they could have arrested the man when they wanted to. By instituting arresting laws and without losing our civil rights the police should be able to arrest perpetrators before this kind of crime is fully carried out.

With all our technical abilities, it is only logical that the people of Sioux Falls should only have to pay for the Cable channels they want. Even soft pornographic channels should not be in a basic package. Customers should have the right to not allow certain channels into their homes. The weak argument, "just don't watch it" will always be cried by those who choose to use bumper sticker logic rather than to fully understand the case. I don't want CNN, I want FOX or MSNBC. I don't want MTV, I want HGTV. I will pay the basic rate but I don't want my values to be insulted. All possibilities should be explored to this end.

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