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Issue Position: Healthcare

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I have worked in the health industry since I was 17 years old and I am now 52. The biggest change that has hurt Health care system is the acceleration of Third Party payers. Doctors have been hoodwinked into thinking that a professional Business entity should carry on the financial part of their clinic. Doctors are great healers -- but are generally poor in finance and investments. Savvy businessmen have noted this and rushed in to "help" the doctors by telling them that they could spend more time with their patients and let the Third Party Payers do the billing. At least that was the way the avaricious businessmen gained a part of the Healthcare pie that was never supposed to be served to them. When Doctors relinquished their control of the business aspect of their clinic -- they gradually lost more control than they ever thought would happen. Presently many doctors are now only an employee rather than an owner of their clinic. Hospitals used to be run by churches and other non-profit organizations and Doctors would have practicing rights in them. It was a good system of checks and balances when Doctors and Hospitals would have to tell their patients how much things would cost before anything was done.

Not any more. Today's health insurance is a socialist system within our society...hmm and we wonder why it is not working. You disagree that its socialist? All pay into the kitty and everyone takes out as their needs require. That is the back bone of socialism. And we all know socialism doesn't work because of people are basically selfish. (We are born this way in order to survive -- an infant must be selfish to get its needs met -- but if we are raised good parents and with Judea-Christian values we learn to be givers instead of takers). So the response of people with Health insurance is the same as what I call the Buffet Attitude..."I paid good money for this buffet and I'm going to eat enough for 3 days to get my money's worth and then some."

I believe the answer is not more Health Insurance....which is NOT the same as Health Care....I believe we need to pay more for what we use....more like a order off a menu rather than a buffet. Study after study has shown more doctoring, more drugs, more medical procedures and more tests actually make a person MORE sick. I heard a doctor say once that 80% of medical problems go away all by themselves without any medical intervention. Third party payers are a parasite on our Healthcare system. They have just weaseled their way into a lucrative system and have churned it so their coffers are full....Why is this important in light of today's Healthcare Bill? Because these third party payers have paved the way to a government takeover of Medical Delivery. We need to go back to true Insurance companies. South Dakota doesn't even have Third Party payers laws that I am aware of, we only have insurance company laws....and there are no insurance companies in SD anymore.

We used to take the bull by the horns and do our best to stay healthy. Now many of us just yield all our care to someone else. If we do our part in staying healthy; eat right, enjoy life, have a purpose....we don't need a huge, monopolistic, quasi-governmental corporation dolling out our drugs and medical procedures in portions that are not even healthy for us....some getting too much, some getting too little. We have invited this governmental takeover of "Heath care" by yielding little by little of our control. That is how all republics become slaves to oligarchies....they yield their rights little by little.

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