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Issue Position: South Dakota Motto

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SD Motto -- Under God the People Rule

America is an exceptional nation. Like Tocqueville said, who was commissioned by France to find out why America was such a great nation...."America is great, because America is good." He noted how religious common folk were; he noted the many churches that were established. We are still a great nation, but we have let our "goodness" slide into relevance and tolerance. We think we are good if we can find someone worse than we are. We think we are virtuous if we tolerate sin rather than expose it.

We have submitted to government rather than to God. It was never intended for this to happen to our people. America is undeniably a Christian Nation if one reviews the historical record with any honesty. America was established so individuals could worship any way they perceived within the boundaries of a Judea-Christian nation. Why? Because over 95% of our laws were formed from a Judea-Christian foundation. We are not a nation that is governed by the mores of a barbaric society -- we set our nation up to be governed by a religious, free people who are "under God".

The reason other nations must have a dictatorship to control the populace is because they have not the self control demanded by a Judea-Christian foundation. American Law relied heavily on the commentaries of one man, William Blackstone, a devote Christian who honored the Jewish mother-religion. Our laws were devised knowing that our religion insisted upon honesty. Other religions have considered honesty a weakness only used by one who is not cunning enough to come up with something more wile than the truth. You can replace "honesty" with other virtues Americans hold dear and see that other religions do not uphold the same virtues demanded by our Judea-Christian system.

Think of our contract laws. They were made for an honest society. Why is stealing a crime in America? Because our religion tells us not to steal. That is not the case with all religions. American is also an exceptional nation because foundationally we believe man is corrupt -- every man is corrupt. Therefore he needs to be submitted to something larger than himself. Other countries will have men and women submitted to more worthy humans...but in determining that you find horror after horror.

Our motto is "UNDER GOD the people rule". We are all on the same plain. We are all under God. To continue as a great nation, we have to be good even when no one is watching... because God is watching and keeping score. That is why we are/were a great nation. Currently we are vulnerable for a Governmental or dictatorial takeover...because many of us have forgotten what made America great.

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