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Brady Accepts Fraternal Order of Police Endorsement

Press Release

Location: Chicago, IL

Pointing to his strong support for public safety, the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police today endorsed Bill Brady for Illinois Governor.

"Throughout his political career, Bill Brady has worked to earn the respect of the law enforcement community," said FOP president Ted Street. "He understands that our peace officers are the frontline of defense in both criminal defense and homeland security."

Brady said he is committed to running professional law enforcement agencies and supporting laws to effectively fight crime in the state.

"I can't think of a greater and more humbling honor than to receive the formal support of those who have dedicated their lives to protecting our lives," he said. "As the military protects us from threats overseas, those of you in uniform here get up each day and risk your lives to protect our safety at home."

Brady said he believes the first mission of government is to protect people.

"I recognize that law enforcement is at the intersection of confronting new and evolving challenges of domestic terrorism, street violence, and the growth of emerging drug trade such as meth," he said. "I am committed to ensuring that you have the best information and intelligence available in real time to do your job. And the best training, resources and equipment to do your job as well."

Brady committed to relying on the advice and judgment of professionals in the law enforcement community -- including the FOP -- when making public safety decisions.

He pointed to the secret early release program of Governor Quinn's administration as one of many examples of the need for new law enforcement leadership in Illinois.

Brady has also received endorsements from major business organizations.

Bill Brady (R-Bloomington) is a small business owner who has represented his community as state Senator since 2002. He is running for governor to bring a clean break to Illinois and build a job-growing environment. More information can be found at

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