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Blog: Labor Day Message from Bill Brady‏


Location: Unknown

As we head into Labor Day, I wanted to send my personal thanks to every one for coming out and supporting our campaign as I traveled across Illinois outlining my plan for creating real jobs, and for putting Illinois back to work.

In Illinois and across America, Labor Day celebrates not only the traditional end of summer, but also the historic legacy of labor, and of the generations of working men and women who built our great nation.

But this Labor Day, as we celebrate with family and friends at hometown parades and back yard barbecues, we also remember that too many of our fellow citizens are struggling, and out of work.

Our double digit unemployment level represents the failure of our leaders to help every willing person in Illinois share in that most basic American value - the opportunity to find a job must be open not just to some, but to all of us.

I believe our small businesses owners, entrepreneurs, and the entire work force of Illinois can and will overcome the failed policies of this administration, but we must let them.

My campaign is about solutions that put Illinois back to work, and back on track.

As Governor, my vision for union and non-union households alike will be the same: to help every willing citizen in Illinois share in the dignity of work.

This November, the people of Illinois can stand up and help us solve our fiscal crisis and put an end to big government, one party rule run amok in Illinois.

But I need your help.

As strong supporter of my campaign, now is the time to tell your friends and neighbors about our campaign to fight tax and spending crowd in Springfield.

Tell them to visit and learn how they can help by knocking on doors, making volunteer phone calls, and other ways to help us win in November!

Nancy and I wish you and your family a happy and safe Labor Day, and we look forward to seeing you again on the campaign trail!



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