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Economic Environment Cause for Concern This Labor Day

Press Release

Location: Hobbs, NM

Manufacturers' Trade Group Says Big Government Is Hindering Growth

Last week the National Association of Manufacturers issued a report, Labor Day 2010: The Impact of Anti-Labor Policies on Working Men and Women, which lays out specific policies for improving the American economy, and stopping the current jobless trend.

From the report:

"Costly tax and regulatory proposals enacted or being considered by Congress and the Obama Administration make employers apprehensive, investors cautious, and consumers anxious. Policies that expand government, taxes and regulations also pose serious questions about the ability of business in the United States to compete in the global markets. The predictable result is a faltering recovery and troubling times for US workers."

"As Labor Day arrives, many Americans are reminded of the struggling economy and the continuous loss of manufacturing jobs here at home. I join the National Association of Manufacturers in calling on our government to stop punishing employers, and to once again reward the ingenuity and determination that make America great, " said Steve Pearce. "Unlike Harry Teague, who says that manufacturing jobs are never coming back, I believe that a robust manufacturing sector is the key to economic health and vitality."

Pearce continued, "It is imperative that we stop instituting policies that penalize the productive sectors of our economy. We need to extend the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, abandon the push for a cap-and-trade energy tax, repeal healthcare, stop burdening our children and grandchildren with trillions in debt, and permanently kill card check legislation specifically designed to reward union bosses. "

"The only way to move forward in a global economy is to unleash the competitive individual spirit that made America the economic engine of the world."

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