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Issue Position: Illegal Immigrants

Issue Position

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We have approximately 12 millions illegal immigrants in this country. Five of the 12 million have overstayed their time - Work permit Visas, Green Card. Why has this happened? Because Uncle Sam has not done his job of enforcement.

The other 7 million have come to America for jobs that American workers will not take. Fifteen million Americans are unemployed but they will not take the job that illegal immigrants will take. This is the national dilemma.

Here is my solution: The people who entered legally will be allowed to renew their paper work. The others will be put on track to get a Green Card -- Period. The immigrant people are essential to our national economy. They build our nation and they must be treated with justice and respect.

This is a country where no one is above the law, including the President. The law must be enforced henceforth for immigrants and for employers alike.

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