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Sessions Comments on Iraq Policy


Location: Unknown

U.S. Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX-32) today issued the following statement in response to President Obama's Oval Office address regarding Iraq:

"I join the American people in applauding the exceptional work of our troops in Iraq, recognizing a new phase and understanding that our job is not done.

"Our brave service members have done in Iraq what President Obama once maligned: keeping the fight and seeing the mission through. An early and documented critic of the successful "surge' strategy, President Obama consistently promoted a strategy of defeat by demanding troop withdrawals, voting against troop funding, and rhetorically waving the white flag when times were toughest.

"While Vice President Biden may think that Iraq is a "great achievement' for the Obama Administration, I believe all accolades go to our troops under the extraordinary leadership of General David Petraeus and General Ray Odierno. With the 2008 Status of Forces agreement that set in motion the current milestone, thousands of troops remain in Iraq and need our continued support to promote lasting mission success, freedom and stabilization in Iraq.

"We owe our troops serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world our unequivocal support, every resource to succeed, and a commitment to ending politically-motivated withdrawal dates that undercut their work, discourage our allies, and embolden our enemies.

"Freedom is not free, and America is indebted to our military men and women who have sacrificed for liberty to prevail. Many have lost lives, some limbs, and others bear invisible wounds, but in their memory and in their honor, America should not falter or fail in its commitment to freedom at home and around the world. May our service members and their families know the support of a grateful nation."

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