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Congress Must Halt Unconstitutional Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

Press Release

Location: Round Rock, TX

Members of Congress from both parties must unite in September to block the unconstitutional illegal alien amnesty program now underway by federal immigration courts under orders from the Obama Administration.

"The President is in violation of U.S. immigration law and the Constitution through this order to bypass the Congress and issue what amounts to a royal amnesty decree for an initial 17,000 lawbreakers," says Carter. "This action makes a mockery of the sacrifices of our Border Patrol and local law enforcement officers in taking these violators into custody only to have them turned loose and granted amnesty by an out-of-control Administration."

According to the Houston Chronicle, the Administration has ordered the cases of illegal aliens without felony convictions to be dismissed and the offenders released inside the United States. Carter says that constitutes a change in immigration enforcement policy that must first be approved by Congress to be legal. Congress has repeatedly rejected similar amnesty proposals.

In less than two years, the Obama Administration has established a pattern of practice of overstepping Executive Branch constitutional authority. The Administration's unilateral oil drilling ban in the Gulf of Mexico was overturned in federal court earlier this summer, and the President's executive order on stem cell research policy was overruled in federal court last week as a violation of federal law.

"My constituents this recess have told me loud and clearthat they want the U.S. Constitution honored and upheld, and this illegal amnesty plan is precisely the kind of blatant unconstitutional action they want stopped," says Carter, a former Texas judge. "The President has a constitutional mandate to enforce the law, not to undermine it."

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