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Austin Scott Makes Statement on Social Security


Location: Macon, GA

Also Addresses Other Issues Concerning Seniors

Austin Scott released a statement Saturday concerning a number of issues affecting the nation's seniors: "I believe Social Security is an important agreement between our nation and our seniors whose terms should be safeguarded. I believe that the retirement age should not be raised, and taxes should not be increased. I am opposed to the privatization of Social Security."

"I also believe that Democrat spending in Washington has put Social Security in jeopardy and that the first step to solving Social Security's problems is to get spending under control and the economy back on track. Then, both parties should forge meaningful, bipartisan reform for the Social Security system that protects the promise of Social Security for the American people."

"I think that Medicare fraud is one of the largest threats to the Medicare system and seniors. Medicare fraud and abuse raise the cost of the program, causing harm to seniors. Therefore, I support front-end verification and other common-sense solutions that prevent such abuse and crack down on criminals that cheat seniors through Medicare fraud."

"My father is a physician and I am very familiar with the shortage of physicians that is a looming problem for Medicare beneficiaries. I believe that seniors should be secure in their access to their doctors. Doctor access and Medicare reimbursement rates are linked and Medicare cost savings should not come only from cuts to doctors."

"I believe that Obamacare has exacerbated this problem and that the temporary fixes passed by Democrats only lead to more uncertainty and more doctors declining acceptance of additional Medicare patients. I believe that we need an equitable payment formula in Medicare that pays doctors a fair amount for their services but also holds down costs through the elimination of unnecessary duplication, waste, fraud and abuse."

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