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Marshall Misleads On His Debt-Spending Record...Again

Press Release

Location: Macon, GA

Another Example of Talking One Way in Georgia and Voting the Other in D.C.

At a town hall meeting with voters on Friday, Congressman Jim Marshall attempted to cover his numerous votes for increased deficit spending by arguing that he had "voted against every Democratic and Republican budget."

Marshall's claim came as the Wall Street Journal reported that the Congressional Budget Office projects the federal deficit to rise to $1.07 trillion in 2011. As a member of Nancy Pelosi's Democrat Caucus, Jim Marshall voted repeatedly for increased debt spending. Most recently, he voted to raise the federal debt limit to $14 trillion and also voted for a $26 billion state bailout.

Austin Scott commented Tuesday on Marshall's argument and the massive federal debt, "Congressman Marshall is being extremely misleading by holding up his budget votes as representative of his stance on spending. He must take us for fools. We know that the real spending happens in appropriations bills and that Jim Marshall has voted for nearly every appropriations bill during his time in Congress."

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