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Bono Mack: American Military Deserves Praise for Iraq Mission


Location: Washington, DC

Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack (CA-45) released the following statement in advance of this evening's address to the nation by the President of the United States on Iraq:

"This evening, the President will address the nation regarding the current state of affairs in Iraq. As every American will agree, this is an historic moment as the mission of Iraqi Freedom transitions from combat to an advise-and-assist role for the U.S. military. I would like to personally extend my thanks and profound respect to all of those who have served our nation and the Iraqi people so bravely during the past seven and a half years, and additional thanks to the families of our servicemembers for allowing their loved-ones to serve.

The United States must remain vigilant against the threat of terrorism and stand against those nations that seek to threaten peace and stability in the Middle East and throughout the world. While our mission in Iraq has changed, our commitment to those who fight terror must not. It is critical that America stands strong against the threat of nations who support and promote terror or seek to expand the use of nuclear weapons. Nations such as Iran must understand that the pursuit of nuclear arms is unacceptable to the world community and the American people, and I urge the President to forcefully convey that message.

As the nation marks this milestone, let us also remember and honor those servicemembers serving in Afghanistan in the name of freedom. We pray for their safe return and look to the day where our nation marks a successful completion of their mission."

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