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Blackburn On Unemployment Report


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman Marsha Blackburn issued the following statement on news that the unemployment rate rose to a staggering 9.6%, loosing 54,000 jobs.

"Early reaction to the latest unemployment numbers has been a twisted sense of relief. The numbers are not as bad as some had anticipated. That is a far cry from saying they are good. The time has passed when the President and Congressional Leaders can blame our deteriorating economy on the previous Administration. The time has passed when they can claim that their trillion dollar stimulus plan has worked. The time has passed when my democrat colleagues can pretend that perusing an unprecedented tax increase on small business is a responsible strategy."

"After 19 months, the Obama- Pelosi tax and spend strategy is a clear failure. The time has come to pursue a new course. We must guarantee that taxes will not increase by a single dollar on any American next year. We must cut federal spending dramatically, including the billions of stimulus dollars that remain unspent after more than a year. We must ease the burden imposed by hyper-regulators like the EPA, which raise the cost of doing business and keep businesses from hiring."

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