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Gov. Perry: Washington Politics Restrict Texas Education Funds

Press Release

Location: Austin, TX

Gov. Rick Perry today sent a letter to school administrators across the state detailing his efforts to try to access the $830 million in federal funds for Texas schools that Lloyd Doggett's anti-Texas amendment to the federal emergency education jobs bill (H.R. 1586) has jeopardized. Doggett's amendment requires the governor to make assurances that the Texas Legislature will make specific funding commitments, which is a violation of the Texas Constitution.

"The actions of a Texas congressman, with votes from the congressional majority, make it unlikely for your school to receive these federal funds this year," Gov. Perry wrote. "I am working with state leaders, educational officials and the U.S. Department of Education to explore every possible avenue to allow hard working Texas teachers to receive these funds."

Despite the punitive Doggett language, Gov. Perry is committed to continue working with the Department of Education to try to access these dollars for Texas, and therefore intends to apply for the federal funds in a manner consistent with Texas laws and the Texas Constitution.

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